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I’m currently working on a number of projects. If you like one of my books/serials and want me to continue working on sequels, please do make sure to leave a review, since that’s the best way to get me to write more!

Works in Progress:

Shifting Fates: An Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance Series[Release date: April 15]

What happens when a soldier falls in love with the shifter he’s been sent to kill?

In post-nuclear Manhattan, there are two kinds of survivors: humans and shifters.


After his older brother Ben was killed by shifters, Cage followed in Ben’s footsteps and joined the military.  His job is simple: protect the surviving civilians in the wreckage of Manhattan and put down the dangerous shifter mutants prowling the streets.  Bitter with revenge, he can’t wait for a chance to get even with the monsters who killed his brother.


Half-wolf, half-human Bindi is one of Cage’s monsters.  She lives underground, hiding away from military patrols and protecting the ragtag pack of shifter children who have come to depend on her.  She’d do anything to get out of the city and get her pack to safety, but nobody gets in – or out – of this city.

On Christmas Eve, Cage catches Bindi –in human form – stealing extra rations for her pack. In a moment of pity he lets her go, but not without being struck by a sense that there’s something special about her. Something… different.

Published Books:

City Girl Country Wolf

City Girl, Country Wolf – a shifter romance novel about a guy on a motorcycle who turns out to be a little wilder than Ruby could ever have expected! -  Amazon Barnes and Noble


Heartbitten - a new adult vampire romance novel - Amazon Barnes and Noble


Jenny Rockfort: Secret Undercover Escort - a romantic comedy novella - Amazon Barnes and Noble


Jenny Rockfort: Secret Undercover Stripper - a romantic comedy novella - Amazon Barnes and Noble


Me, Cinderella? – a full-length new adult romance novel - Amazon / Barnes and Noble

Broken Prince Cover Small

Broken Prince - the new adult romance novel sequel to Me, Cinderella? - Amazon / Barnes and Noble


BlindWolf  Perfect Mate  HumanShifter  AlphaChild

Blind Wolf – Book One in the BBW Shifter Romance series - Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Perfect Mate – Book Two in the BBW Shifter Romance series - Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Human Shifter - Book Three in the BBW Shifter Romance series – Amazon / Barnes and Noble

Alpha’s Child - Book Four in the BBW Shifter Romance series -  Amazon /Barnes and Noble

BlindWolfboxed set

Blind Wolf Paranormal Romance Four-Book Bundle: Buy all four books together for a discount! - Amazon / Barnes & Noble


Big Girl Backstage Pass  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman  Sexy young woman

Big Girl Backstage Pass – Book One in the Big Girl series - Amazon Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Going On Tour - Book Two in the Big Girl series - Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Rocking in the Sunshine – Book Three in the Big Girl series – Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Playing in Paris – Book Four in the Big Girl series - Amazon Barnes & Noble

Big Girl Proposal in Paris - Book Five in the Big Girl series - Amazon Barnes & Noble


Big Girl Rockstar Romance Five-Book Bundle: Buy all five books together for a discount! – Amazon / Barnes & Noble


Rocking Her Curves

Rocking Her Curves - another Curvy Girl story about Asher and Trixie - Amazon Barnes & Noble


Wilder Side – Alex and Jason’s Story: A Gay Erotic Romance - Amazon / Barnes & Noble

31 thoughts on “Books

    1. Hi Lesley! The last story about Shannon and Julian in the Big Girl series will be out later this month – I’ll be sending out a 99 cent deal announcement to my mailing list when that happens, so you can subscribe if you’d like to find out as soon as it’s released!

      link to mailing list:

    1. I want to get to everybody’s story before coming back to Jason and Alex. Next up on the list is Asher and Trixie! I love Jason and Alex together, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to write more about them soon :)

      1. I can’t wait to read everyone’s story, Asher is so sweet! One more question, will Jason and Alex have appearances in the rest of the stories though? Or will their story have to sit it out? Thanks for replying!!

        1. Hm, I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll be sure and try to mention them in my second Asher and Trixie book that I’m planning, but the focus won’t be back on their relationship for a while.

  1. Can’t wait for Alex and Jason’s story! (Already read Wilder Side.) On book 3 of the Big Girl Series and am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this world!

  2. once you finish book 4 of Blind Wolf: A Werewolf BBW Shifter Romance, are you going to make it into a box set so we can have them all together in one yummy book? :)

  3. Just finished the Blind Wolf series all 3 books were awesome. Can’t wait for book 4. As for a baby name..I like the names of Jerrika for a girl and Taustin for a boy. Thanks for sharing your gift of words.


  4. So, I was looking at your Blind Wolf series on Amazon and saw a comment from you that “The full series will be available later.” Are you going to publish them as one novel or a boxed set? Was wondering whether I should wait or not. Thx!

    1. Hi Kristen, if you can stand the wait, the boxed set will be out in a couple of weeks at a sale price – sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already, and I’ll be sure to let you know when the whole set is out!

  5. I cannot wait for the blind wolf series to continue!!!
    I’ve managed to read all 3 in a couple of days (I’m disabled so I read a lot!!! LOL)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your amazing talent of writing with the world.
    I think the baby name (s) should be Joy or Destiny for a girl & Zach (Zachary) or Nate (Nathaniel) for a boy!!!
    Can’t wait for the newsletter that says the ‘blind wolf’book four has been released.
    Many thanks you clever Lady! X

  6. Hi, Is there going to be a 5th book in werewolf shifter series with Julia and Damian. I just love them. Please continue with the series.Thank you, Denise

    1. I am considering writing a follow up series with the twins… not until later this year, though! Right now I’m working on a new shifter series that will be out in a week, if you liked Blind Wolf it’s definitely up your alley :)

  7. I’m in the middle of Heartbitten and I’m hoping it’s not going to be a standalone! So far it’s fabulous. Is this going to continue as a series? And if so, when will the next one come out?

    Same question for your new shifter novel, I haven’t read the blind wolf series because I was never much into the bbw novels. I guess it doesn’t matter to some, but just I’m sure some women like them be cause they can relate to the female lead better, that’s why I don’t get as into them. It’s hard for me to relate. I’m not size 0, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just more average sized. Not overly thin, but not too curvy either, lol! Anyway so yeah, any info or release dates, even approximations would be awesome! Thanks so much!

  8. Please tell me there is going to be a full novel for Alex and Jason… Also is there going to be a novel for Daniel?

  9. Aubrey – Through Amazon Kindle I purchased and read the first four books of Shifting Fates. Why is book five only available in paperback, but not as Kindle? Very disappointed.

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